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Lamka (ล้ำค่า) means ‘precious’ in Thai. It captures the kind of products we want to offer you: one of a kind, handmade, something to treasure.

Lamka was founded by Gosia Kurowska, who moved to Thailand in 2017. She was struck by many things there: the kindness of the people, the beauty of the country, the abundance of great food. But also by the creativity and artisanship that she encountered in her new home town, Bangkok. 

Bangkok blog

Inspired by these new impressions, Gosia started a blog on the local designers she met. As her audience grew she noticed people’s interest in their products, which are not always easy to find for foreigners. This led her to the idea of Lamka: an online store where you can conveniently shop beautiful artisan products from Thailand, wherever you live.

All our products have been designed and crafted by locals. With every purchase you support them directly, while receiving a unique item in return. All products are handmade and quality-checked by us. 


The local designers & craftspeople we work with 

All artisans are handpicked by us, we are happy to support their talent and bring a piece of Thai creativity to your home!

Behind every product we sell are people and their story.


silvertales jewelry team
handicrafts Thailand


Silvertales is owned by Joy from Thailand and Lucija from Slovenia, who both live in Bangkok. Each piece they design is handcrafted by Thai artisans from the Karen hill tribe. The Karen are an ethnic group residing mainly in northern and north-eastern Thailand and in southern and south-eastern Myanmar. With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a unique weight and feel, and is characterized by a bright satin color. Silvertales is all about matching this cultural heritage with a modern design. If you love jewelry with a minimalist style, this collection is something for you!


KINKO jewelry design team
jewelry designer Thailand


Behind the KIN.KO collection are two trendy sisters from Bangkok, Rada and Kacha. Their pieces are a mix of Thai tradition (engraved words and symbols used) with a timeless cool design. You can also mix and match the pendants from this collection and create your own individual looks! All the items from the KIN.KO collection are handcrafted by local artisans in Bangkok.


handmade jewelry wood Thailand designer
artisan jewelry Thailand


Our Nympheart collection is designed and crafted by a Thai couple, Momo and Palm. Unique, nature-inspired and environment friendly are the key words for their jewelry and home decor. Momo and Palm use salvaged wood to create their products, and more specifically teak and burl wood  – in Thailand it is said these kinds of wood bring luck! The colored part is made from epoxy resin, which is a type of rubber wood like amber. It’s inserted into the natural gaps and cracks of the wood. Every piece can be customized and personalized, making it a perfect gift.


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With love from Thailand,

The Lamka team